16 Great Articles About Sand Dust Test Chamber Manufacturers

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is a great dust chamber producer and made a 3380 litres blowing sand and dust test chamber for a Vietnam client. The controller system of this 3380 litres dust test chamber can be attached to the computer. The devices has a vacuum cleaner pump with a circulating pump or ideal feature to maintain the talcum powder in suspension.

This 3380 litres dust test chamber made by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is driven by a fan to blow a particular focus of sand and dust across the test sample surface at a certain circulation rate to examine the capability of these test samples (devices) revealed to completely dry sand or a dust-filled ambience to shield against the penetration results of dust fragments versus rough or obstructing results of crushed rock and the ability of the product to shop and operate.

The machine has the capability to imitate floating dust, which is generally used to test the ability of the shell of the tested product to avoid the penetration of sand and dust in addition to the succeeding working performance judgment under the floating dust condition of the shell and seal of the digital and electric vehicle parts.

16 Great Articles About Sand Dust Test Chamber Manufacturers

The Wewon’s 3380 litres blowing dust test chamber design replicates the destructive result of wind and sand climate on the product, which appropriates for checking the sealing efficiency of the product’s shell. It is mainly used for the IP5X and IP6X tests specified in the enclosure protection course standard.

Exactly How The dust test Chamber Works? Working Principle of The 3380 Liters Blowing Sand and Dust Test Chamber:

The blowing dust test chamber layout has an air flow with upright circulation of dust, and the dust used in the test can be recycled. The entire air duct is made of imported stainless steel plate, and the bottom of the duct is gotten in touch with the cone receptacle interface.

The fan inlet and electrical outlet are directly connected to the air duct, and then the diffuser on the top of the studio is linked to the studio body in a suitable setting to create an O-type closed vertical dust blowing cycle system.

Make air flow can stream efficiently, make dust disperse equally to a huge degree. The sand dust test chamber make use of a solitary huge power reduced noise centrifugal follower, according to the test requires to use variable regularity guv to readjust the wind speed.