Wewon Tech’s testing environment is a precision-controlled temperature forcing system that delivers an airstream of as much as 20 SCFM to rapidly transform the temperature of an item or Device Under Test (DUT).

Wewon Tech provides temperature change rates unparalleled in the sector, and can sustain air cooling temperatures of– 80 ° C at 20 SCFM. It is made with the reliable as well as tried and tested Twin Trendy waterfall refrigeration system as well as does not require complex and challenging combined gases. The Wewon Tech’s gives the tiniest impact for a floor version jet stream testing environment.

Trick Functions as well as Advantages:
Temperature range of +225 ° C to -80 ° C. High Temperature option of +350 ° C. Delivers 5 to 20 standard cubic feet of air/minute.
Temperature transition from +200 ° C to -65 ° C in less than 15 seconds -80 ° C to +200 ° C in less than 15 seconds.
Reliable and durable Double Cool cascade refrigeration system does not call for challenging blended gases.
Tiny impact enables maximization of room usage.
External Device Under Test thermocouple for managing temperature precision at the tool.
Configured without holding arm or mechanical arm for simple jet stream positioning.
Dry air purge to assist secure test site.
Choice of boxes and shrouds to satisfy your application.
Integrated in air dryer with oil, water and also particle filters.
Enhanced BTU/watt elimination abilities provided by greater air circulation price.
Simple and easy modification temperature as well as air circulation established points.

The Wewon’s Accuracy Temperature Cycling System is an air delivery device based upon a waterfall refrigeration system, as well as offers rapid changes as well as accurate control in a range in between -75 ° C and +225 ° C, for circulations in between 1 and 6 SCFM. The adaptable distribution line allows easy and also specific nozzle positioning.

testing environment

The system can be set up to either control the air stream temperature straight, or the gadget under test (DUT) temperature using a cascade control loophole. The custom Watlow? ATS Collection Ramping Controller performance includes auto-tuning, ramp/soak programming and also remote operation.

Available interactions are serial, GPIB, or the WatVue? The ats-710 has an important pressure regulatory authority as well as flow control shutoff. It can be operated either a completely dry (< -70 ° C humidity) air/ nitrogen supply, or on house (pressed) air with making use of the accessory air dryer. The system is safeguarded from excessive nozzle temperature trips by a combination of independent over-temperature and low-flow eliminated circuits.

It includes CFC as well as HCFC free-dual stage ieee-488, rs485 and also refrigeration remote interface, and also an outside thermocouple for testing environment control and monitoring.

It is made with the reliable and proven Double Amazing cascade refrigeration system and does not call for facility as well as difficult mixed gases. The Wewon Tech’s supplies the tiniest footprint for a floor design air stream temperature cycling system.

The system can be configured to either control the air stream temperature straight, or the device under test (DUT) temperature by methods of a cascade control loophole. The system is secured from excessive nozzle temperature excursions by a combination of independent over-temperature and also low-flow cut out circuits.

It includes CFC and also HCFC free-dual phase ieee-488, rs485 and refrigeration remote interface, and an exterior thermocouple for temperature control as well as monitoring.