Why Highly Accelerated Stress Tests are the New Black

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has created the 0.45 MPa stress highly accelerated stress test for IC chips, 5G and also semiconductors consumers. Thus far, The Chinese suppliers can create up to 0.20 MPa stress highly accelerated stress test chamber with ability. This is the special advantage of Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd., Since Wewon have solid independent r & d capacities as well as broke the technical syndicate of international counterparts.

There is no doubt that the 0.45 MPa pressure highly accelerated stress test which effectively created by highly accelerated stress testing for China’s chips as well as semiconductor industries. Yes, Provide 0.45 MPa pressure range test with temperature as well as moisture test, not 0.20 MPa pressure. In fact, This is what the Chinese otherproducers can not do it, however Wewon has done it.

Special Advantages 1: Magnetic Fan Operate In 0.45 MPa Stress

Depend upon the magnetic fan system, We can make the test space keep 0.45 MPa stress with flowing wind. In China, This style has only Wewon Tech utilize the magnetic Fan system for highly accelerated stress test.

Undoubtedly, This is a tough technical technology, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has actually done it, however otherChinese suppliers can not exceed it. The HAST chambers created by other Chinese providers does not have the fan system which installed in the test area.

highly accelerated stress test

For that reason, It is impossible for them to keep a good temperature and moisture harmony in the test area, Since their design does not have a device to perform air circulation inside the test room.

Unique Benefits 2: The Wall surface Density of the Drum is 5 mm
The drum in the test area is a high-density structure, and also the wall density of the drum is 5.0 mm. We have actually carried out 12 examinations for 148 hours of 0.5 MPa stress test, as well as we found that the machine can still run typically.

Chinese distributors who can create HAST chambers, the wall density of the drum they purchased is just 2mm. This is one of the main reasons why othermakers capable of producing HAST test chambers in China can only do stress tests listed below 0.2 MPa.

Special Advantages 3: Ring-Row Lock Framework with 8 Locks
Until now, The HAST test chambers created by Chinese providers all use a solitary lock framework. This design is not justified for high stress tests. Due to the very long time high pressure test, the single-lock framework is simple to burst the door secure the test location because of the high inner pressure.

In order to resolve this issue, Wewon pick a ring-row lock framework with 8 locks. A special electric motor is mounted inside the door of the test location, to make sure that the equipment can automatically open up and also shut the door. With this style, when the test location is pressurized or happy, there will certainly be no safety and security dangers to the engineer in the test laboratory.

One-of-a-kind Benefits 4: Twenty-eight pieces Signal Terminals
The high accelerated stress test HAST chamber produced by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has 28 pieces signal terminals for sample’s voltage application test integrated in the center left of the pressure storage tank.

This 28 pieces signal terminals can remove as well as ON/ OFF setting for every test procedure are possible. The Wewon’s HAST chamber with signal terminals will make it possible to conduct conductivity test for new products under advancement. To a certain level, this service will certainly increases the scope of application of the hast accelerated aging test chamber. Particularly, This signal terminal style extremely friendly to third-party testing organizations that give test solutions for clients.

The Chinese vendors can generate up to 0.20 MPa pressure highly accelerated stress test with capacity. Yes, Supply 0.45 MPa pressure variety test with temperature and also moisture test, not 0.20 MPa pressure. Up until now, The HAST test chambers created by Chinese providers all use a single lock framework. This layout is not warranted for high stress test.